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frequently asked questions (faqs) about quazar.

i get an error when i try to start it. why?

i'm still figuring out the nuances of how to publish beta mac software! if you're getting an error, please head to the troubleshooting section on the installation page

can use quazar with my existing key?

not yet. the cel-key utility has not yet been added to quazar. if you'd like to make a pull request on github to add support for this, feel free!

if i upgrade the app, will i still be able to use my existing key?

yes, but only if the chain-id does not change. if you upgrade from a version with arabica-8 to one with arabica-10, this will be a new chain, and technically new account on the chain. be sure to check the release notes of the latest version you're using on github (opens in a new tab)

can i contribute to quazar?

of course! please find good first issues here (opens in a new tab), but please don't let this restrict your imagination 😎